Emerald Moss Purses

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large kalanchoes

This feminine moss purse comes with a colorful display of pre-planted kalandivas, anthuriums or orchid (extra) and embellished with a decorative bow. Each purse is lined so you can water directly into it.

A beautiful gift for any fashionista in your life - she will love it.

    Planters are unique living landscapes so finished pieces will vary:
  • Small dimensions: dimensions: 5” width x 3” height (including handles) x 2.75” depth (base: 5.5" width x 3.5" depth)
  • Medium dimensions: 8” width x 8.75” height (including handles) x 4” depth (base: 8.5" width x 4.5" depth)
  • Large dimensions: dimensions: 12” width x 10.5” height (including handles) x 4” depth (base: 12.5" width x 4.5" depth)
    Suggestion for care:
  • Moss outside ~ preserved - no care required - keep out of sun