Natural Green Tabletop Moss Wall

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Natural Green Tabletop Moss Wall

Ideal for creating a mini oasis in your home or office, moss walls are a modern interior décor trend with an ancient history. A thousand years ago, zen buddhist monks of Japan cultivated moss on stones and walls and considered it an essential element: a symbol of harmony, age, and tradition that facilitated meditation.

A miniature landscape with gentle rolling hills of moss that beckon and soothe you, while its subtle shades of green evoke simplicity and peacefulness.

This moss artwork is created from preserved mosses of reindeer, and preserved foliage. The moss has been preserved by non-toxic means and require no care whatsoever.

Can be displayed in any room but should not be in direct sunlight as the mosses will brown. Rooms with sunlight is ok - just not on the frame. Strong spotlights directed at wall will also cause it to brown, so please preserve the beauty of it and avoid that.