Terrarium Class: Mother’s Day Brunch

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Terrarium Class: Mother’s Day Brunch

"Dear Liza,
We had a wonderful time creating terrariums last Saturday. I enjoyed every minute of it, from your delightful rooibos tea to your fine collection of colorful crystals, pebbles and sands. Choosing my own plants and settling them into the environment you coached me on creating was so much fun.
You and your assistant made me feel welcome and cossetted. It was a very special afternoon and a very special Mother's Day treat.
Thank you again for the class and also for gifting me with an organic tea garden. Watching it grow is going to be a lovely adventure.
Best regards,

Looking for a unique gift idea for Mother's Day? Gift the gift of shared time in the warm, relaxing and creative environment of our Mother's Day Terrarium Class. Come in and share an hour of fun, artistry and conversation with a knowledgable instructor providing inspiration, guidance and advice. Sip champagne, nibble on a croissant and fruit as you both create a living garden to remember your day together.

In this hour long workshop, you will:

  • Learn about terrariums
  • Choose your plants (airplant or succulents) based on your lightning and care preferences
  • Learn how to care for your plants
  • Be given tips on creating your own unique landscape

Class includes:

  • Vision boards for inspiration
  • Terrarium vessel to share
  • Two plants ( succulents and/or airplants)
  • A variety of moss: reindeer, sheet, mood, pool..
  • Colors sands and decorative crystals
  • Miniature toys
  • White gift box and plant care card for finished terrarium

Brunch includes for Mom & Guest:

  • Coffee or tea
  • Glass of champagne
  • Little pastries
  • Fruit

All ages 4+ welcome

For more information, call us at 1.888.958.5834 or email us at info@luludi.net