Terrarium Class: Sunday Brunch

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Terrarium Class: Sunday Brunch

Sign up to spend your Sunday in a creative semi-private terrarium class featuring a light brunch.

Sip tea/coffee, nibble on a croissant/muffin and design your very own mini living world. A perfect activity to de-stress and introduce nature into your urbanite life.

In a creative semi-private class setting, you will be provided with all the terrarium material, guidance from an experienced instructor, and a plant care card to take home.

In this hour long workshop, you will:

  • Learn about terrariums
  • Choose your plants (airplant or succulents) based on your lightning and care preferences
  • Learn how to care for your plants
  • Be given tips on creating your own unique landscape

Class includes:

  • Vision boards for inspiration
  • 6" round glass bowl
  • 2 plants ( succulents and/or airplants)
  • A variety of moss: reindeer, sheet, mood, pool..
  • Colors sands and decorative crystals
  • Miniature toys
  • White gift box and care card for finished terrarium

*Please email us about any food allergies or preferences

For more information, call us at 1.888.958.5834 or email us at info@luludi.net