Yin-Yang Valentine Red Terrarium

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Yin-Yang Valentine Red Terrarium

our popular yin-yang terrarium comes in auspicous color combinations such as our red and white.  perfect for those seeking luck, harmony and new beginnings. each terrarium features two green air plants that bring healing, harmony and new energy. each air plant is set atop dual colored sand inside an acrylic taijitu symbol shaped vase embellished with a stylish red velvet ribbon.

    our line of feng shui terrariums promote harmonious experiences:
  • red signifies the fire element, and symbolizes the spirit of joy, excitement, energy and romance. in feng shui, red represents passion and strength and brings around good luck, energy, excitement, joy and romance. red is great for transformation, richness and luxury, and love and passion.
  • white signifies the metal element and symbolizes clarity, innocence, purity, spirituality, hope, expansiveness, openness and beginnings. in feng shui, white represents new things and is a sign of new opportunities and good thoughts.
  • plants are important feng shui symbols and represent the color green, a wood element that is related to prosperity and attracting positive chi. in feng shui, green represents energy, regeneration, rejuvenation and renewal, nature and nourishment. green is considered an inspirational color as it draws power from the nature itself, and is good for people's health and promoting new beginnings.
    available as shown or may be custom designed:
  • dimensions: 9" diameter x 3" height
  • call or email to inquire about alternate color sand combinations
  • our terrariums are unique landscapes so finished pieces may vary